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  1. Instant delivery
  2. You can send SMS with SENDER-ID (6 chars)
  3. SMS will be reached DND and NON-DND Phone Numbers
  4. You can send SMS at any time
  5. 100% Delivery

Transactional Sms Formats :-

School & Colleges:

Dear parent, your Son/Daughter is absent %% for %%. Please contact Class teacher.

Dear student your fee due is %%%%% your fee due date is %%%% ABC school / college.


Dear customer your Ac %% has been debited by Rs.%% now your account balance is Rs.%% Thanks.

Dear customer your credit card bill due Rs.%%% bill payment due date is %%%%%% thanks.


Dear %%,Booking has been Confirmed.Booking Tkt No~, Pnr-%%,AirLine-%%,Pax Name-%% Thanks

Dear customer your pnr %%%%%% has been confirm thanks.

Website-Software Generated SMS

dear %%%%% thanks for registering.your user name %%%% your password %%%%.

dear %%%%% your activation code is %%%% thanks for registering.

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